Annual Newsletter


The Speak-Out Youth Group is producing an annual publication in the form of a Newsletter, we are begining work on our third newsletter, that's three years running! This youth based publication will help to fill a gap in existing resources by giving a powerful voice to youth perspectives and experiences. This newsletter will serve as an engaging vehicle that delivers relevant content generated by youth for youth. The Speak-Out Newsletter is distributed to youth hubs and schools across the province.

Raising awareness and dispelling stereotypes surrounding teen adoption and permanency will help to improve outcomes for youth-in-care. This newsletter will also be distributed to policy makers, social workers, and agencies to ensure youth perspectives about permanency and adoption are well represented within the child welfare community.

Community building and communicating a sense of togetherness is a vital component of this project. Empowering youth through storytelling and shared experiences will help other youth in care realize that they are not alone. The Speak-Out Youth Group was awarded the Vancouver Foundation's Youth in Philanthropy Grant to carry out this project.

Newsletter #5 June, 2017

Newsletter #4 June, 2016

Newsletter #3 June, 2015

Newsletter #2 June, 2014

Newsletter #1 June, 2013