Speak out youth 2015 Flash Back

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We kicked this year off with an awesome surprise of finding out that the youth group was going to start meeting twice a month. One of our first meetings we started working on the newsletter and where able to be more hands on with the whole project from color scheme and content to placement of the articles and silhouettes. We also shared thoughts on how to revamp the website. One of our volunteers returned to their studies but we were so honored to have another adult volunteer come into the group to join us crazy youth. We had an unfortunate loss in both the AFA and the FBCYICN communities as a wonderful, inspirational young woman had passed away. Every one of us that was able to grow up with her and even just got a chance to meet her felt the sadness but know she’ll be forever in our hearts and with us in spirit. We also started checking out another option for our meeting space, with that we were able to use the Aunt Leah’s space for a few of our meetings at the end of February.
In March we started talking about the sequel movie for "Teen Adoption: You Have a Choice.” At the beginning of April is when Cinematheque came in and helped us get our creative minds flowing with information on how we would like the sequel to look. After getting the bones down with who was going to be in the film and getting location ideas we started to learn about how to use the equipment. On top of that we started having some young people and a staff go to different MCFD offices to present the SYG to them in hopes of recruiting new members.
In May we were blessed to get tickets to go see a white caps game in one of their box seats it was so cool and everyone had so much fun. At the end of May we had our first Youth Speak Out Training at the Accent Inn in Burnaby which was really fun and cool, a learning experience which everyone I’m sure grew and learned from. We also in Speak Out had a practicum student come and join us. She fit right in with all of our kooky and crazy youth.
To kick off the summer AgedOut had their launch party and we celebrated the 5th year of BC Child and Youth In Care Week. By midsummer we had updated our SpeakOut Youth shirts with the new silhouettes and style of the shirt. For the last meeting of the summer we were all taken out to the aquarium for the day and even got some ice cream as a group. But that didn’t stop our opportunity to get together another time over the summer as a small group to go to the New Westminster Pride parade.
To kick off fall we had our first filming day in mid-September and from then on everyone was so dedicated on getting the work done it was a nice surprise to see everyone jumping right in and being involved in every aspect of the film. From September 19 – November 28th we were filming and editing our project and managed to fit in our Halloween meeting/party. As we close off this year of adventure and fun with our holiday party we feel so blessed and honored to have been able to have all these opportunities that we’ve gotten and look forward to getting more opportunities and chances to watch each other grow and learn/teach each other new things in the upcoming new year and years to come.

SEE YOU IN 2016 !!!

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K.T. Divine Black (K.T. Matheson)

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