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"How Many Words"
Word Unscramble
Comic Strips


"How Many Words"

How many words can you create from the word Permanence?



Create your own Wordle


Here's an example of a wordle that the Speak-Out Youth Group developed together! Feel free to submit the wordles that you create and they might get chosen to be published on the Youth Zone website! 


Create your own word unscramble puzzle!

Feel free to try this permanence themed word unscramble that our summer student created...or create your own! 

1.      iafyml  
2.    mepreancen
3.    outsprp
4.   aementgeng
5.    eiltencorba
6.    rluuetc
7.   nrmeto
8.    litbyista
9.     cnuiatdeo
10.   shugoin
11.     oleytnmepm
12.  nseirfd
13.  eccnnfiedo
14. pmsfevteore-linm
15.  eflyislte
16.   niteuro
17.  ceitconnno
18.   tealhh
19.   sttur
20. biggnoeln



Create your own crossword puzzle!

Feel free to try this permanence themed crossword that our summer student created...or create your own!

2. People who can guide and help you
6. Interacting with other people and exchanging information
7. Where you go to school
8. Somewhere that you live
9. Something that lasts forever
10. Feelings

1. Where you work
3. Something you have from people who love you
4. Feeling of connection to somewhere
5. Paid adults in your life



Create your own comic strips!   

Try out some of these free comic, visual art and design sketch editors! Please be sure to ask for your guardian's permission first when downloading the freeware. And feel free to submit your comic strips for publication on the youth zone website. 

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